Leeds (by Stephen)


Another enjoyable day out this time to Leeds

I enjoyed my dinner of bangers and mash at Yates  and liked the fact the gravy was served in a gravy boat

Some places already put gravy on the dinner and this can flood the potato

Unfortunately some of the group were served peas that were cold with their meals

During the afternoon we came across a shop selling crystals I couldn’t resist this opportunity to purchase more for my beloved

The shop was well stocked and there was limited space to move around

I  accidentally caught a “Woodstock Neptune Wind Chime” with my walking stick setting it jangling away…..what a beautiful sound it made.

I’m glad I only bashed the wind chimes with my walking stick and not a very fragile item

Later we enjoyed tea and I ordered fruit cake with Wensleydale cheese

I have never heard of  nor tried this previously and I thought it was lovely. Several of the group also ordered it with their tea.

Woodstock Neptune Wind Chime

Is that the sound of the wind dear? No it’s some chap named Edison Lamp bashing the wind chimes with his walking stick

Would you like some fruit cake served with Wensleydale?

Buxton (by Stephen)


We traveled to Buxton on the train from Manchester Piccadilly

The weather was showery (unusual for a Thursday) and there was a biting cold wind.

Following a look around Spring Gardens we headed to The Old Club House for lunch

Unfortunately one of the group members did not enjoy his Beef Ale Pie which was gristly

The waitress raised this with the chef and a free desert of apple crumble and custard was provided by way of an apology.

After lunch we had a wander around the shopping arcade and I purchased some crystals

We went in Mr Simms Sweet Shop and I purchased some rum and raisin fudge to share with the group

Later we visited the site of Foucault Pendulum which is located at the “University of Derby” Buxton  unfortunately the pendulum  had been taken down and is only on view at certain times of the year

Foucault Pendulum


Windermere and Ambleside (by Stephen)


The group had an enjoyable day trip to Windermere Bowness and Ambleside on Thurs 28th Sept

We travelled by train from Manchester Piccadilly

The weather was perfect and it was a good idea to change the trip from Buxton which we will now be visiting next week

It took us ages to find somewhere to enjoy lunch as all the venues seemed expensive

We discovered there is what appeared to be an excellent chippie at Ambleside and there were certainly plenty of customers enjoying the large sized fish

Had we  known about  this we would have had lunch there

We had a lovely boat trip across Lake Windermere to Ambleside on board MSV Swan

When we arrived we had a look around and I spotted a delightful shop selling crystals

I purchased a nice sized onyx and a lovely crystal called Labradorite

Gorton Monastery (by Stephen)


We met at Yates pub on Portland Street

However some of the group did not enjoy their meal

A common complaint was the chips were cold and the chicken dry as if re-heated

We then had a short bus ride to Gorton Monastery

We were disappointed at being informed there was a function planned for the evening and that we could not have a look around apart from the gift shop and cafe.

I made a complaint to the Manager and he said we could have a look around

Following our very brief visit we went to The Richmond Tea Rooms

I thought they resemble the set of a Carry on Film

I could picture Kenneth Williams shouting Infamy Infamy They’ve All Got It Infamy!

Barrowford (by Stephen)


Although this visit was a first for some I have been several times

The cafe is always my first port of call

I had cheese and onion pie with cauliflower cheese and peas and chips

Everyone enjoyed their meal and all loved the chips which are excellent

We rounded off our visit with a pint in the Wagon and Horses

Going via Burnley worked out well as there is a frequent bus service to Barrowford