Buxton (by Stephen)


We traveled to Buxton on the train from Manchester Piccadilly

The weather was showery (unusual for a Thursday) and there was a biting cold wind.

Following a look around Spring Gardens we headed to The Old Club House for lunch

Unfortunately one of the group members did not enjoy his Beef Ale Pie which was gristly

The waitress raised this with the chef and a free desert of apple crumble and custard was provided by way of an apology.

After lunch we had a wander around the shopping arcade and I purchased some crystals

We went in Mr Simms Sweet Shop and I purchased some rum and raisin fudge to share with the group

Later we visited the site of Foucault Pendulum which is located at the “University of Derby” Buxton  unfortunately the pendulum  had been taken down and is only on view at certain times of the year

Foucault Pendulum


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