Liverpool instead of Llandudno?


Four of us visited Liverpool on Thursday 7th September

The reason for the change was the shocking cost of a train ticket to Llandudno

£41.80 reduced to £28.00  with a rail card I said to the clerk it will be cheaper with Ryanair

We decided to visit Liverpool instead and had an enjoyable day

We dined at The  Monroe on Duke Street which was terrific and enjoyed by all.

I had Goats cheese for a starter followed by Cumberland sausage and mash and Sticky Toffee Pudding for desert.


Mobile phone woes


My boyfriend  has got a mobile phone

Now we never have a minute alone

Just the other night I asked him for a kiss

He said just a minute while I answer this

The other night in the back of a car

I  thought we’d nip to the pub for a jar

Just  as I was doing my thing

The bloody phone began to ring

Holmfirth (by Stephen)


The group had an enjoyable day at Holmfirth

Upon arrival we spent ages looking for somewhere to enjoy lunch?

One venue charges £19 for fish and chips

We found a decent chippy called Holloway Fisheries which proved to be a good choice.

Fish Chips Bread and butter plus a pot of coffee was £5.75

On the way home we stopped by a sweet shop in Huddersfield.