Leeds (by Stephen)


Another enjoyable day out this time to Leeds

I enjoyed my dinner of bangers and mash at Yates  and liked the fact the gravy was served in a gravy boat

Some places already put gravy on the dinner and this can flood the potato

Unfortunately some of the group were served peas that were cold with their meals

During the afternoon we came across a shop selling crystals I couldn’t resist this opportunity to purchase more for my beloved

The shop was well stocked and there was limited space to move around

I  accidentally caught a “Woodstock Neptune Wind Chime” with my walking stick setting it jangling away…..what a beautiful sound it made.

I’m glad I only bashed the wind chimes with my walking stick and not a very fragile item

Later we enjoyed tea and I ordered fruit cake with Wensleydale cheese

I have never heard of  nor tried this previously and I thought it was lovely. Several of the group also ordered it with their tea.

Woodstock Neptune Wind Chime

Is that the sound of the wind dear? No it’s some chap named Edison Lamp bashing the wind chimes with his walking stick

Would you like some fruit cake served with Wensleydale?

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