Oldham Art Gallery


Trips & Adventures – 23 May 2019

This week Out In The City travelled to Oldham Art Gallery to meet the fantastic Out & About group. Our visit started at the Naked Bean Cafe where we enjoyed teas, coffees, soups, sandwiches, quiches and potato of the day!

We had some great chats and then decided to make our way to the top floor to view the exhibitions. The latest exhibition marks 200 years since the notorious Peterloo Massacre. ‘From Waterloo to Peterloo’ explores the many stories linking Oldham and its people with the historic events of Peterloo.

From Waterloo to Peterloo

However, we were particularly impressed by the panoramic photograph of Oldham taken in 1876. This brought back many memories where we remembered smoke billowing from chimneys and houses with an outside toilet and no bathroom!

There was a lot to see from the temporary exhibitions to the permanent displays, but we decided to have a walk to Parliament Square to view the Annie Kenney statue.

Annie Kenney was the “underestimated” suffragette, who was arrested after asking Winston Churchill about voting rights.

Along with activist Christabel Pankhurst, she was photographed holding a large “Votes for Women” banner in a now-famous image.

Kenney was the only working class woman to hold a senior position in the Women’s Social and Political Union.

Annie Kenney statue

Thanks again to Out & About for hosting us. More pictures can be seen here.

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