60 photo albums added to the website


We like our lunch

What a tiring day

Love it

Man from outer space

Stephen’s friend

Maggie rules


Does it suit me?

Give me sunshine

Delicious (me or the cake?)

Take your partners







60 galleries have been added to this website from the old website containing about 1,000 photographs.

They can be accessed from the Photo Albums page by clicking on the Older Projects link at the bottom of the page. To see the complete set of galleries you need to click on this link 13 times. After opening one of these galleries, if you want to look at others it is best to use the forward and back links at the bottom of the page. If you use the back button on your browser it will take you back to the first page of galleries and you will have to start the 13 clicks again!


2 thoughts on “60 photo albums added to the website

  1. A really great job Peter, well done. I look forward to looking at the photographic history of our group, hugs Pauline


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