Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art


Trips & Adventures – 20 September 2018

This trip was advertised as a mystery trip. Nobody knew what the plans were for the afternoon. Some people asked if we had to walk far or if the trip was outside. Some even guessed incorrectly but the mystery was maintained. We met at Dough in the Northern Quarter and enjoyed pizzas. Imagine our surprise when the waiter told us the Wi-Fi code was “I love cock”. I had misheard – it was “ilovecocktails”.

When everyone had arrived we simply walked across the road to the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art. I had been there previously to watch the film “Queer China ‘Comrade’ China”, an independent Chinese documentary about homosexuality in China.

It started to rain (well we were in Manchester which is known as the Rainy City) but this was very appropriate as the current exhibition is called “Aquatopia”. The exhibition presents the work of six international artists engaging and reflecting on water – what it means to our communities and our ecosystems, and the impact of water scarcity and water pollution.

We were particularly impressed by Liu Yujia’s Wave, a film collage which poetically depicts the ebb and flow of tides.

We moved to an area downstairs and had a lino cut workshop led by Joe. Some of us had done potato cutting and printing when we were kids, but this was a new experience. We drew designs, drawing on the theme of water, and then used a dibber (a cutting tool) to carve into the lino. We used a paint roller to paint the lino and print our designs.

2 thoughts on “Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

  1. My first time on a day out with out in the city. I really enjoyed spending time with the group. The pizza we had before hand was great and our mistery day out was fantastic at the Center for Chinese Contemporary Art We even got the chance to do some Art work ourselfs as you can see from the pics. Just want to say thank you to everyone for such enjoyable day.


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