Cloud 23 at Beetham Tower


Trips & Adventures – 1 November 2018

Three of us went for expensive drinks at Cloud 23 located on the 23rd floor of the Beetham Tower. We enjoyed extensive views over Manchester (see the Photo Gallery) and some of us dressed especially for the occasion.
Although 2 coffees and a gin and tonic cost nearly £25 it was worth it for the experience.

60 photo albums added to the website


We like our lunch

What a tiring day

Love it

Man from outer space

Stephen’s friend

Maggie rules


Does it suit me?

Give me sunshine

Delicious (me or the cake?)

Take your partners







60 galleries have been added to this website from the old website containing about 1,000 photographs.

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Shibden Hall


A huge Out in the City contingent of 2 people braved cold, damp, misty and dreary weather to visit Shibden Hall in Halifax.

The building dates from 1420 and displays a mixture of styles but the interior is predominantly a rich dark wood. The house was used for some scenes in the recent TV programme “To walk Invisible” featuring the Bronte sisters and some costumes are on display.

At the back of the house a barn and workshops feature the work of a blacksmith, a wheelwright, a cooper and saddler. There is a reproduction of an apothecary and an old inn together with some impressive displays of old coaches including a hearse.

The hall will be closed for months from May for filming “Gentleman Jack” featuring the life of famous lesbian Ann Lister who left secret diaries of her life hidden in the house.

Those who had “lots of things to do” missed an excellent day out. The house is set in extensive grounds and another visit in better weather will be worthwhile.