9 November 2017 – Trip to Leeds

Leeds is a busy city and there are lots to do there. We started with a meal in Yates which we all enjoyed (except for the cold peas).

A visit to the Art Gallery showed off a fantastic cafe. The spacious cafe with grand marble columns, stunning ornate tiles and a barrel-vaulted mosaic ceiling was magnificent, but unfortunately, we had just eaten. Most of the exhibits in Leeds Art Gallery were modern art and most of us prefer the traditional.

We went to view the Victorian Quarter with the shopping arcades and found a Crystal Shop. Needless to say, crystals were purchased.

The least grand of the arcades was named the “Grand Arcade” but we enjoyed homemade cakes (including fruit cake and Wensleydale cheese combination) and unusual teas in the Vintage Cafe which used 12″ album sleeves, complete with vinyl, as the menus.

There are lots of famous people from Leeds, but we bumped into Donald Trump and Nelson Mandela!

Leeds train station is one of the busiest and rush hour traffic means that many people will be standing up during the journey. Fortunately, most of us found seats which was a blessing as Sue reckoned we had walked 10,000 miles!


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