Manchester Pride Parade Movie, Lockdown latest, Pride train competition … and William Dorsey Swann

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Here’s the full Manchester Pride Parade Movie:

Lockdown latest

Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, reviewed the local lockdown and the current restrictions across Greater Manchester were eased in Bolton, Stockport and Trafford. Wigan was brought in line with national restrictions last week, while Oldham is subject to stricter measures than the rest of the region.

Unfortunately, until restrictions are lifted in Manchester, Out In The City cannot meet.


Avanti West Coast launches pride train

Avanti West Coast is launching the UK’s first fully wrapped Pride train entirely staffed by an LGBTQ+ crew for its first official service.

The train operator has adopted the most recent iteration of the Pride flag which sees the addition of the colours black, brown, light blue, pink and white to bring people of colour, transgender people and those living with or who have been lost to HIV/AIDS to the forefront highlighting Avanti West Coast’s progressive commitment to diversity and inclusion.

West Coast Main line, Avanti West Coast Executive Director Commercial, Sarah Copley said: “I’m delighted to be launching our new Avanti West Coast Pride Train which represents everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.”

Pride train? You name it

Avanti West Coast have created a head-turning train especially for Pride. It’s so vibrant and colourful you can’t miss it. But one thing it’s missing is a name – which is where you come in. They would love your input, so send your winning suggestions by 13 September!

What if your entry is chosen? Well, it’s not just a big tick to go on your bucket list. But you’ll also get the star treatment at the train’s official naming event, and fly the flag at Pride next year.

Enter here

Editor’s comment: Trainy McTrain Face is not allowed.

Forgotten icon?

William Dorsey Swann was a gay liberation activist. Born into slavery in 1858, he was the first person in the United States to lead a queer resistance group and the first known person to self-identify as a “queen of drag”. Imagine the queenery of this icon.

He was a slave in Hancock, Maryland and was freed by Union soldiers after the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect. During the 1880s and 1890s, he organised a series of balls in Washington, D.C. He called himself the “queen of drag”. Most of the attendees at his gatherings were men who were former slaves, and were gathering to dance in their satin and silk dresses.

William was arrested in police raids numerous times, including in the first documented case of arrests for female impersonation in the United States, on 12 April 1888. In 1896, he was falsely convicted and sentenced to 10 months in jail for “keeping a disorderly house” (running a brothel).

After his sentencing, he requested a pardon from President Grover Cleveland. This request was denied, but he was the first American on record who pursued legal and political action to defend the LGBTQ community’s right to gather.

He was known to have been close with Pierce Lafayette and Felix Hall, two men who had also both been slaves and who formed the first known male same-sex relationship between enslaved Americans.

When William stopped organising and participating in drag events, his brother continued to make costumes for the drag community. Two of his brothers had also been active participants in his drag balls.

Imagine how intelligent and ambitious this man had to be to come up with drag balls in the 1800s! Imagine how many terrible concepts he had to unlearn by himself to be a confident gay black man who does drag in the 1800s!

Imagine how courageous he had to be to fight for LGBT people as a former slave in America in the 1800s!

William Dorsey Swann is the original queen, the original drag mother, the original activist. Tell his story!

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