Next meeting and “My Story, My Music”



Happy Birthday to Gary & Christopher – both on 17 July.



Next meeting

The next meeting for Out In The City is on Wednesday, 22 July from 1.00pm to 3.00pm.

The venue is No 1, Canal Street, Manchester M1 3HE. The intention is to sit outside, weather permitting, but we may sit inside. In order to keep social distancing we will sit at tables of four to six people.

It is essential to contact me so we are aware of numbers attending. Please phone or text or send a message here



My Story, My Music

Listen to varied stories and music choices from members of Out In The City. These podcasts have been made with the help and support of Sonder Radio. Click here. There are also a few interesting videos.

We are going to make an Out In The City radio show for Pride.

Would you like to be involved in another show to be released in August? Recall your memories of previous Pride events or anecdotes from when you were younger, mixed with LGBT related songs.

Sonder Radio will stick it all together hopefully with lots of mini stories and lots of different voices. Please have a think about this. Any song suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

Mystery photo

I found this photo on my phone but I can’t remember where it was taken …

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