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Trips & Adventures – 6 February 2020

What a busy time! This month is LGBT History Month 2020.

Whilst I was in my local library in Chorlton, I spotted a small display of books. In the bottom right hand corner is “Tales From Out In The City”.

This was published by our group in 2009 and is an uplifting read. Whilst the memories and reminiscences pull no punches – telling of anxiety, joy, unrequited love, passion, embarrassment and bravery in the face of discrimination, there is also determination, wisdom and a diversity of experiences. This book is about LGBT family, companionship, love, living with discrimination, humour and community.

At our usual Wednesday meeting we held a Taster Session on Mindfulness and we would like to thank Pauline who led the session and Anna who organised it on our behalf.

It is also Hate Crime Awareness Week. This is a week when we focus on prejudice and how we can end it.

Finally, we had a great day out at the Manchester Museum with a handling session. We had lunch at The Turing Tap, a classic pub in the heart of the university area, before walking down Oxford Road to meet our host, Karen.

She took us through a closed section of the museum to a room where we could handle a few of the four million objects in the museum’s collection. Although we didn’t handle dinosaur skeletons or mummies from Ancient Egypt, we had a great time.

More pictures can be seen here.

One thought on “Manchester Museum

  1. No ancient dildos to be handled? Fascinating stuff about Chorlton Library and Out in The City in 2009. hugs Pauline xxx


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