Bury meal and Victoria Wood Exhibition


Trips & Adventures – 28 February 2019

The Bury College Three Seasons Restaurant serves a wide range of gastronomic delights which are prepared by the catering and hospitality students and supervised by experienced professional catering staff. This is a regular treat on our calendar of events as the food is great and only costs £7.50 for a three course meal including tea or coffee.

After our meal we made our way to the Bury Art Museum to view the exhibition of Victoria Wood memorabilia. Stuart gave us a tour of Bury as he used to live there.

BAFTA award winning comic Victoria Wood is Bury’s most famous daughter. She was best known for her BBC sketch Acorn Antiques and the comedy Dinner Ladies, and was one of the nation’s most respected and loved comedians.

We never miss a chance to dress up, so we tried on the icon yellow beret worn by the character Kimberley’s Friend: “Have you seen ‘er, Kimberleh, she’s realleh, realleh tall and realleh realleh wide.”

The exhibition features some well-loved and recognisable scripts for shows such as Wood and Walters, As Seen on TV, An Audience With, Pat and Margaret, Acorn Antiques – The Musical and Housewife 49. Also on display were photos, numerous awards and costumes from two of her Christmas Specials.

We saw school magazines from Bury Grammar School when she was a pupil in the 1960s, exam certificates and school reports.

We ended our trip with a quick visit to the Art Picture House where we reminisced about “the good olde days”. Ken was very knowledgeable which is surprising as he is only 39!

One thought on “Bury meal and Victoria Wood Exhibition

  1. Super food and company at Bury College, service was a trifle eccentric..being called “hun” was a first experience at a dining establishment. After our tour of the Bury streets we enjoyed the Victoria Wood exhibition, fun how all the boys dressed up as Kimberley’s friend! Pauline


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