One thought on “Breaking News

  1. Yes it is common sense, but it also required a visit from yours truly to Radcliffe Library today and a discussion with a very helpful lady librarian to make “common sense” happen. She could not explain why our new website was blocked, incidentally the old one was still there..and yet the link to the new one at 13.10 today was still blocked. She was very helpful and called the Bury IT peeps who told her it would be unblocked within 2 hrs.
    It was NEVER EVER anything to do with an anti LGBT stance, her view was that it is a new site with few google hits so it will be blocked automatically – she observed that our kind of site is not usually blocked. As an aside many other LGBT sites with similar titles, starting with the word Out, were not blocked.
    Only took ten minutes of my time to fix. i will drop in Monday to check that it is now working.


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