New Islington


Trips & Adventures – 17 May 2018

We met at Piccadilly at noon and headed towards Ancoats, stopping off at the Tib Street Tavern for lunch. Tib Street is named after the River Tib, a minor tributary of the River Medlock, and runs entirely beneath Manchester City Centre. A notion is that the river was given its name by homesick Roman soldiers after the River Tiber but with the word shortened to reflect the size difference between the two rivers.

Tib Street used to be known for pet shops and sex shops but is now part of the trendy Northern Quarter. The sex shops remain but there are now trendy bars as well.

For some reason everyone is wearing a hat

We made our way to Ancoats stopping at Anita Street (apparently the most photographed street in Manchester) where we took some photographs and then onto the canals at New Islington. The area was so calm and peaceful you would not know you were in a city centre.

The only noise was the swan claiming its territory by flapping at the Canadian geese.

We had a relaxing coffee / tea in the Royal Mill cafe. The Royal Mill was constructed in 1912. It was originally called New Old Mill but was renamed following a royal visit by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1942.

On heading home we spotted this image on the side of a building. It was created by a South African artist and shows two men kissing!


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