(Un)Defining Queer Exhibition … New Podcasts … Vintage photos


(Un)Defining Queer Exhibition

A short bus ride took us from Piccadilly Bus station to the university area where we dined at the Turing Tap, before visiting the Whitworth Art Gallery.

The current exhibition delves into the Whitworth’s collection to reveal a rich selection of works where artists have used their creativity to acknowledge their sexuality, or to explore and question gender identities.

(Un)Defining Queer is co-led by an intersectional group of participants who self-identify as LGBT+. Together, they propose how we can use a LGBT+ lens to disrupt binary notions of gender, sex and sexuality in order to challenge inequalities.

It is understood that labelling historic artists with contemporary notions of gender or sexuality is problematic because these concepts are nuanced, complex and individual. The word “Queer” has historically been used to discriminate but within the exhibition has been actively reclaimed and used in its broadest sense to be as inclusive to all gender and sexual minorities.

(Un)Defining Queer poses the question that without applying this language, how do we make LGBT+ communities visible within the collection? More specifically, the project and exhibition are seeking to redress historic omissions that have existed because of hetero-normative museum practice.

The exhibition has evolved from research and collaboration between the participants, staff, artists and activists over the last two years. The themes within the exhibition have been shaped and interpreted by the group.

This piece “Lesbian Strength” comprises embroidery and quilting on cotton by Sarah-Joy Ford.

More photos can be seen here.

New Podcasts

The Peter Tatchell Foundation has launched episode one of its new podcast – Be The Changepresented by former BBC journalist Simon Harris.

The topic of the inaugural episode centres on the origins of LGBT+ history month in the US in 1994 – and why it is important. Peter Tatchell discusses the impact the month has had and chooses three inspirational people from history who are LGBT+.

Be The Change is on all major platforms. See the website here.

Rompcast is a new podcast about gay men dating in a time before the internet – discussing how we met and where we met.

In the first episode 62-year old Colin talks about coming out in the 70’s and 80’s with stories of Moss Side riots, ITV World in Action and Queer as Folk.

In the second episode Ron, 79, from Cheshire talks about being gay from the 1950’s onwards; living with his partner Alan; AIDS and dealing with hospitals before and after the passing of the gay marriage bill. There’s also an insight into PrEP and dating online in your late 70’s.

Rompcast is on all major platforms. See the website here.

Some vintage photos:

The Gay Cookbook

Do you have the homosexual urge? Check your homosexual tendencies! “He” magazine 1956

“I’ve robbed the Rainbow to make you Gay”

Drag Kings of Paris, 1963

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