Manchester Astronomical Society … International Women’s Day … Global News Quiz


Manchester Astronomical Society

The Manchester Astronomical Society is an organisation that promotes amateur and popular astronomy in North West England.

After a meal in Via on Canal Street we walked to the Godlee Observatory located in the Sackville Building, University of Manchester, where the Society is based. It is one of the oldest provincial astronomical societies in England, and membership is open to anyone with an interest in astronomy.

The Godlee Observatory on the roof of the Sackville Building, University of Manchester. Image © Michael Oates

The society’s origins lay in the North Western Branch of the British Astronomical Association, which was established in 1892. However, a number of members gradually became dissatisfied with the Association’s treatment of the branch (particularly in relation to funding) and the Branch’s members consequently decided to dissolve the branch to form the Manchester Astronomical Society at a meeting at the Godlee Observatory in September 1903.

Tony and Phil gave us a talk on the history and current activities of the Astronomical Society and we got to hold a piece of meteorite, which was over 4,000 years old and was found in Argentina.

It was a great visit and more photos can be seen here.

Moon © Martyn Jones – 06/02/22

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on 8 March to commemorate the cultural, political, and socio- economic achievements of women. It is also a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women.

The 2022 UN theme for International Women’s Day is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, looking to highlight the contribution of women and girls around the globe, who participate in their communities promoting on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, in order to build a more sustainable future for all.

First in the Fight Exhibition

Launch on Tuesday 8 March 2022, 6.30pm – 7.30pm

The Bungalow, Kampus M1 3GL

A poignant, open-air exhibition paying tribute to the women who shaped Manchester’s history opens in the Kampus garden on International Women’s Day. The exhibition will comprise of ten pieces of art depicting ten women who had an impact on the city.

It‘s part of a collaboration between Women In Print, an artist-led project telling the stories of women from the north of England, through print and design, and author Helen Antrobus. Following the unveiling of the Emmeline Pankhurst statue in Manchester’s St Peter’s Square in 2018, Helen co-authored the ‘First In The Fight’ book to tell the stories of the 19 other incredible women who had been shortlisted by the public for the statue.

The month-long exhibition at Kampus will be free for the public to attend, with original art nestled among the lush garden opposite Canal Street. To mark Women’s History Month, visitors will also be encouraged to celebrate a woman in their life by emblazoning the garden with ribbons in the colours of the suffragettes – white for purity, purple for dignity and green for hope.

Among the women profiled at the exhibition will be (left to right): 

• Kathleen Ollerenshaw (1912 – 2014), a mathematician and politician, who dedicated her life to improving access to education. (Artwork by Alex Francis)

• Louise Da-Cocodia (1934 – 2008), who came to the UK in 1955 to train as a nurse. After she experienced the openly racist attitudes towards black nurses, she dedicated her time to improving race relations in Greater Manchester. (Artwork by Ellie Thomas)

• Sunny Lowry (1911 – 2008), a woman synonymous with Victoria Baths, the place where she honed her skills before swimming the English Channel in 1933. (Artwork by Eve Warren)

• Sylvia Pankhurst (1882 – 1960), daughter of Emmeline and Richard Pankhurst who, along with her mother and sisters, was a founding member of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), the militant organisation campaigning for women to have the vote on the same terms as men. (Artwork by Halah El-Kholy). 

A selection of the prints from the exhibition will be available to buy at – with proceeds going to Women’s Aid. 

The First In The Fight book can be purchased from The Pankhurst Centre, on Nelson Street in Manchester or the People’s History Museum. 

If you wish to attend RSVP to

Global News Quiz

Test your knowledge of news from around the world.

1.         A married gay couple has become the first in which Asian country to adopt a child together – but their legal victory hasn’t been extended to other couples like them.

Taiwan / Japan / China / South Korea / Vietnam

2.         A man in which Oceanic country has pled guilty to charges stemming from the death of a gay American man in 1988?

New Zealand / Fiji / Australia / Tonga / French Polynesia

3.         A measure that would give school administrators and superintendents the power to remove books, lessons, and ban student participation in events or clubs that are LGBTQ+ affirming passed the lower house of parliament in which European country?

Bulgaria / Poland / Czechia / Italy / Romania

4.         Prominent LGBTQ activist Badr Baabou was brutally assaulted in the capital city of which North African country by two men, one wearing a police uniform, who left him bruised and bloodied, and who robbed him of his phone, wallet, and laptop?

Egypt / Morocco / Algeria / Tunisia / Libya

5.         Conversion therapy is now illegal in which North American country, marking a major milestone in LGBT+ rights in this country?

Canada / United States / Mexico


1.         Taiwan

2.         Australia

3.         Poland

4.         Tunisia

5.         Canada

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