Museum of Science and Industry … A Minute’s Violence for Derek Jarman … Quirky Art Exhibition


Museum of Science & Industry

We met at the Deansgate / Castlefield tram stop and walked to the Oxnoble pub for food and drink. It’s only two minutes walk from the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) and I think most people enjoyed the refreshments.

Visiting the MOSI was an interesting experience as the museum traces the development of science, technology and industry with emphasis on Manchester’s achievements in these fields.

Cotton, trade and power

East India Company sailing ships introduced India’s cotton to Britain. The company also sold the cloth around the world. By dominating other countries sometimes with violence, Britain controlled trade across the globe. India’s skilled workers struggled to compete with Manchester’s mass-produced cotton goods and thousands lost their livelihoods.

The museum is also on the site of the world’s first passenger railway station – Manchester Liverpool Road – which opened as part of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway in 1830.

A member of staff gave a demonstration undertaking some small experiments and providing some interesting facts.

There was also an exhibition on the history of cancer. More photos can be seen here.

A minute’s violence for Derek Jarman

When the Derek Jarman exhibition (Protest!) launched on 1 December 2021 in Manchester Art Gallery, there was a minute’s silence. This was totally appropriate as it was World AIDS Day.

In the exhibition last Saturday a few of us gathered for a “zap” – a minute’s cacophonous noise – it’s what Derek would have wanted.

Quirky Art Exhibition

Don’t miss this art exhibition by Mike Roberts. It’s only open until 13 February (10.00am – 6.00pm) at Cass Art, 55-57 Oldham Street, Manchester M1 1JR (In the basement). It’s free entrance and it’s well worth seeing.

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