Sonder Radio … New Year’s Resolutions


Sonder Radio

Tune into a really festive Christmas day with Rachel Oliver from Sonder Radio. She is proudly Australian and a trans activist.

Rachel will be wrapped up warm in front of her fire telling you how an Australian Christmas is celebrated and giving you her tips on having a stress free great holiday with friends and family if you’re LGBT.

Plus of course some fabulous Christmas music from her personal playlist. Listen to Sonder Radio at 2.00pm or 8.00pm on

New Year’s Resolutions:

New King Lear Prizes Spring 2021 Competition Announced

We are delighted to tell you that the King Lear Prizes are back, with a new round of the competition. What better way to make a fresh start in 2021, than to get stuck into a new creative project?

Start planning your new masterpieces and register here.

What’s new?

The King Lear Prizes are even better than last time, thanks to your excellent ideas, tips and feedback!

  • Two new prize categories – write a short story from your life for the Real Story category, or record yourself playing or singing a piece of music for the Musical Performance category.
  • Two categories from last time – write a work of poetry, or create a work of art using any media (painting, drawing, photography, textiles, knitting, ceramics, crafts etc.)
  • You must enter at least one newly created work – they will accept other works, which you have done previously, so long as you enter at least one piece of new work done specifically for the competition.
  • Compete against people at the same level as you – this round of the competition has a single age category (over 65s only), but separate categories for beginners and for more experienced amateurs.
  • More prizes and opportunities to be recognised for your work – over £2,000 in prizes. Certificates and feedback if you are shortlisted, with hundreds of special commendations for high-quality work.
  • A small fee of £5 per entry to cover their costs – the King Lear Prizes is a not-for-profit organisation, and they spent thousands of pounds of their own money putting on the competition last time. They would like to make it a regular competition which covers its own costs.
  • If your personal financial circumstances mean you are unable to contribute in this way, please email directly, and he will find a way to make sure you can take part.
  • Deadline for entries will be 19 March 2021 – you have 11 weeks to complete your new work in the New Year! Entry form opens on 4 January 2021.

How to get involved

Register your details on the King Lear Prizes website to receive the full information about the competition.
Start thinking of ideas for what you might create for this new round of the competition
Follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Get in touch

As always, please let them know what you think! If anything is not clear, or you think it could be improved, or indeed if you’d simply like to wish the team a Merry Christmas, please email directly.

Manchester International Festival

Have you got a love story you’d like to share? Do you want to express your love for the important people, places, objects and experiences in your life?

We might be able to help, through a new project we’re creating for next summer’s Manchester International Festival.

If you’re interested, they would love to hear from you. Please drop a line via email to or WhatsApp 07566 778445 and she will tell you more.

Gaydio’s Work Club (over 50s)

Want to learn new skills, meet new people and improve your job prospects in 2021? Then sign up to Gaydio’s Work Club!

Over six weeks you’ll not only refine your skill set but build on your CV by learning all about how to make great radio. You’ll learn from an experienced broadcast journalist and presenter from the world’s biggest LGBT Radio station! You’ll also learn about interview techniques and get support on CV writing and job applications.

This is a great opportunity to show potential employers you are willing to invest time into your future and get plenty of help along the way. No experience necessary.

Due to Covid restrictions, workshops will be on Zoom – but we hope to bring you in to Gaydio to the studios as soon as restrictions allow.

Please email for a registration form.

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