People’s History Museum


Trips & Adventures – 9 January 2020

Happy New Year everyone! As we say goodbye to the ‘tens’ we here at Out In The City wish you all a fun, fruitful and fabulous start to the next bloody decade.

After lunch and drinks at the Moon Under Water we took the short walk to the People’s History Museum on the left bank of the River Irwell.

The current exhibitions included “Disrupt? Peterloo and Protest”, “Overspill: the history of the Manchester slum clearance” and “The Unfurlings – a banner display”.

After looking round the exhibitions and some of the more permanent displays we retired to the Left Bank Cafe for teas and coffee.

In the Out In The City Annual Awards the prize for the campest walk goes to Walter:

The best dancer goes to Tony:

Let’s twist again …

The best photographer goes to Peter (but we don’t have any photos of him).

The prize for the best shopkeeper goes to Owen:

and the best item in the Co-op goes to:

I’m sure this says “Homo”


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