FACT Liverpool


Trips & Adventures – 5 December 2019

We travelled by train from Manchester to Liverpool Lime Street, and then walked to FACT (The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology).

Before viewing the exhibition “You Feel Me” we made our way to the Garden Cafe for delicious butternut squash soup. It was so good I’m sure that Mary Berry or Jamie Oliver would have approved. This was followed by a variety of sandwiches – halloumi, bacon or tuna. In the cafe there was a profusion of greenery, but to be fair, there aren’t quite enough plants to warrant the name “garden”.

Red button alert:

What a coincidence – we were in a cafe called “The Garden”, whilst last Sunday I went to see a Derek Jarman film called “The Garden” and last week we visited the Portico Library which had a section called “The Garden”.


The exhibition was interesting and our guide, Joan, was very enthusiastic and informative. We started off in the Learning Space, which is an area where people can explore and create together. At the heart of this space is a new mural by illustrator Laura Callaghan. her vibrant dense artwork focuses on the lives, labours and rituals of those who identify as female and non-binary.

We snuck into the exhibition spaces which featured painting, ceramics, video, virtual reality, game design and sound by a group of seven artists critiquing and disrupting dominant systems of control.

We were given a treat by visiting the projection room which featured not only digital equipment, but also analog equipment. FACT is about to present Peter Jackson’s original Middle Earth saga “The Lord of the Rings” in its entirety on 35mm print. They are one of the few cinemas outside London which can show films on 70mm print, and had a copy of “My Fair Lady” on 70mm.

We stopped off at a hostelry on Bold Street before making our way back home.

For more photos click here

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