Esholt (The original Emmerdale Village)


Trips & Adventures – 10 October 2019

Red Button Alert: The BBC are stopping the red button service in early 2020 … if only there was another way to get the news. Well the good news is that Out In The City is keeping the red button! We shall bravely continue to bring you a weekly email with regular Red Button Alerts.

This week we travelled to Esholt via a train from Manchester Victoria and a bus from Bradford. The name “Esholt” indicates that the village was first established in a heavily wooded area of ash trees.

The manor house, Esholt Old Hall at Upper Esholt is medieval in origin, probably 16th century, and possibly once had a moat. It is well-preserved and has Grade II listed building status.

But that’s enough history. The only reason we went to Esholt was that from 1976 to 1996 it was used for outside location shots for the Yorkshire Television drama series Emmerdale Farm. The series relocated to a purpose built set based on the layout of Esholt on the Harewood estate in Leeds.


Red Button Alert: Victoria Jane Binns is an English actress, known for her two roles in the two veteran ITV soap operas Emmerdale and Coronation Street respectively. In Emmerdale she played the part of Ollie Reynolds for four years from 1999 to 2003. Well, believe it or believe it not, Vicky’s Binn’s grandmother is Walter’s cousin! A member of Out In The City is related to soap opera royalty!

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3 thoughts on “Esholt (The original Emmerdale Village)

  1. It looks like a nice day out but … and I look forward to this bit every week … you didn’t mention lunch!


  2. Well Nick, sorry I missed out some vital information. We did have lunch in The Woolpack, a traditional country pub. Between us we dined on free range egg mayonnaise sandwich, fish butty, classic beef burger (named The Dependable Mr Wilks) and classic chicken burger (named The Un-flappable Amos Brearly) all served with proper chips, and I mean proper chips.

    You may recall Mr Wilks and Amos Brearly were the landlords in the long running soap opera Emmerdale. There were never any women about. Although it was never overtly stated, you only have to put two and two together to come up with gay.


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