Fletcher Moss Park


Trips & Adventures – 3 October 2019

We travelled by bus to West Didsbury past the Dancehouse Theatre (previously two back to back cinemas – The Regal Twins), the Footage (previously the Grosvenor Picture Palace) and an Asian Supermarket (previously The Trocadero). We also passed what was previously The Cavalcade which used to be a gay pub in the 70’s, but only on a Sunday afternoon.

After visiting a couple of charity shops in Didsbury Village we arrived at Foster’s Chippy. This was previously part of the Foster’s chain of Fish & Chip Shops but now has a new owner and is independent.

I notice that I’ve used the word “previously” about six times, but what we have noticed as we get older and wiser is that if things don’t change they will stay as they are.

We enjoyed our meal and headed towards the Fletcher Moss Park and Botanical Gardens, but first we stopped at The Old Parsonage. It’s a Grade II Listed Building and is believed to be the oldest building in Didsbury after St James’ Church. It dates back to 1646 and several rooms are open to the public. In 1832 Sam Newell and his wife lived in the house. It is said that the house is haunted by the ghost of Mrs Newell, who had supposedly fallen down the stairs to her death.

In the hall, Ken lead us in a Square Tango (which was a bit rounded in parts), the Valetta and the Lambeth Walk. We relaxed in the calm atmosphere and also chatted with some ladies making lace.

Fletcher Moss Park has some interesting carved benches and a plethora of flowers and plants but we soon spotted the Alpine Café. It was much improved since John’s last visit (previously the coffee had tasted like sludge) and we all added compliments in the visitor’s book. We also saw two magpies (one for sorrow, two for joy), which was a good sign. Another great day out with good conversations, laughs and more laughs.

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