Museum of Science & Industry


Trips & Adventures –  7 February 2019

Yesterday we held a successful Hate Crime Awareness event with 25 attendees where we learnt all about hate crimes and hate incidents focussing on sexual orientation and transgender issues. Thanks to the folk from Church House who are always supportive, the volunteers – Leroy and Jim – and Nat and Ben (Police Community Safety Officers) who spoke to us about these vital issues and encouraged a free and wide-ranging discussion.

However, today we visited the White Lion, an old fashioned and traditional pub offering Chinese and Caribbean cuisine as well as traditional English dishes, before our visit to the Museum of Science & Industry.

The main purpose of our visit was to see Stephenson’s Rocket, the historic locomotive which was last in Manchester 180 years ago! The guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastically explained how a steam train works, how the first inter-city railway made history right here in Manchester and how Rocket changed our world and the way we travel forever!

The museum houses the world’s oldest surviving passenger railway station and we also found time to take part in a weaving workshop.



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