Out in the City … on tour


As well as visiting Manchester Pride, Oldham Pride and Happy Valley Pride, recently Out in the City has been networking with other LGBT groups aimed at the older generation.

We have visited “Over the Rainbow” in Todmorden (picture on the left) and “Out & About” in Oldham (picture on the right). We are planning to link up with “Silver Rainbows” in Cheshire in the near future.

Watch this space for news of further meetings …

Whilst we have been travelling out, people have been visiting our website. The website has been going for just over a year, but we have had 8,547 viewers from the UK.

There have also been views from round the world: USA 65; Slovakia 33; China 6; Spain 6; Canada 3; Germany 3; Ireland 3; Jersey 1; and Philippines 1.

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