Stuart goes on an adventure … to the Granada studios


I was asked to join the diversity panel for the television programme “Granada Reports”.

Lise McNally who works on the programme sent me a message asking me if I would go the following day. So off to Media City I went.

After introductions to the other members of the panel we were taken to the studio control room to see the show go out live. I sat next to the director who had a console in front of him which was all alight with bright yellow buttons. I asked if he knew what they were all for but he said no.

Someone did a countdown and there was a reporter who did a live report from the front of Liverpool Lime Street station.

Of course there were numerous screens on which the various sections, recorded and live, were to be seen.

The two presenters, Lucy Meacock and Tony Morris were sat behind a glass wall behind us.

Behind them is a window through which the Imperial War Museum North can be seen.

After the live broadcast we went to another room where refreshments were provided and we were joined by Tony Morris and shown some films of reports already seen on the show. One was a report by Tony Morris from Preston railway station about the breakdown of the new Northern Rail timetable.

The two live presenters use an autocue. They also have foot pedals behind the desk which the viewer is unable to see. I have no idea what these pedals do and I don’t think we were told. It’s one of the mysteries of the magic of television!

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