Stuart at Shibden Hall


Trips & Adventures – 12 April 2018

Hello Tony,

I hope you enjoyed your little trip.  I hope you bought a kilt and that we can expect to see you in it at the group next week.  A nice pink sporran always looks gay.

This is the one I bought (Tony)

Now then this is for you to put on the blog which you know I am unable to do because of issues with my password.

Yesterday (April 12th) I and one other person. (Klavierboy) went to Shibden Hall which is about two or three miles from the centre of Halifax.  The one in west Yorkshire not the one in Nova Scotia.  That would be silly.  The train was full of noisy, smelly, ill mannered kids.  They were off school and so were going to Eureka which is an indoor attraction in the centre of the Halifax I told you and where we were going.

Klavier and I (Walter von Stalzing) arrived in Halifax at about 11.20 which we decided was too early for lunch so after a couple of enquiries we found the bus station and made our way to Shibden.  You have no idea how exciting it was and what you missed.

(to be continued)

Walter von Stalzing alias Stuart.

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