Attitude Magazine / Stockport / Let’s Talk About Sex


Trips & Adventures – 1 February 2018

Well, what a full and fantastic Thursday we had! It all started off by queuing up at W H Smith’s.

This was the day we had all been anticipating … Attitude Magazine hit the news stands on 1 February 2018. If you don’t know – Attitude Magazine is the best selling, most respected, groundbreaking and number one gay lifestyle magazine and the March edition featured Stuart as part of the “body edition” following his photo shoot:

We took the train to Stockport and then the free bus which took us on an extended tour of Stockport and its environs ending up at the Arden Arms, a good old fashioned traditional pub which until recently was run by two gay men. The food was delicious and the service was of a high standard.


We visited the Stockport Museum which currently has an exhibition celebrating the legendary Stockport recording studios – Strawberry Studios.

Bruce recognised “Neanderthal Man” (not the early humans which became extinct 40,000 years ago) but playing in the background was Strawberry Studio’s first hit in1970 by Hotlegs. To remind you the lyrics are:

“I’m a neanderthal man
You’re a neanderthal girl
Let’s make neanderthal love
In this neanderthal world.”

Founded in 1967, Strawberry Studios became one of the first professional studios outside London and was home to pop group 10cc. In the 50 years since the studio first opened the likes of Joy Division, The Smiths and The Stone Roses were welcomed through its doors.

Tony and Bruce had a go on the Pop Quiz machine and scored 10/10:

Instead of quizzing we should have been at home making sure the vinyl collection was in correct alphabetical order! After all this fun we explored the rest of the museum and then went on a tour of Stockport’s Air Raid Shelter. This was fascinating but hard to imagine 4,000 people down in the tunnels during the Second World War.

In the evening from 6.00pm to 8.00pm was the launch of LGBT History Month in the Performance Space at Manchester Central Library. The first event was the Let’s Talk About Sex project. It was a very special evening, featuring speakers, poetry, a screening of a specially commissioned short film, as well as an exclusive preview of the exhibition accompanying the project. Tony was interviewed for the project and read a poem or two.

One of the poems was called “Olufe Me” which means “I Love You”:

Olufe me

My darling, I love you with my heart, my mind, my body, my soul.

Our bodies touching

Our legs entangling

Our lips pressing

Our tongues darting

Our arms caressing

Our hands holding

Our fingers entwining

But now I am HIV positive … will I ever find those loving feelings again?

My legs tiring

My body sweating

My head aching

My heart hurting

My eyes crying

My mind slowing

My memories fading

Will my sweet feelings keep me going? I will always love you, my dearest darling.

Olufe me.

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